About The Footwork Clinic


About The Footwork Clinic

We are a modern sports podiatry clinic that specialises in musculoskeletal treatment for pain and injury in the lower limb. Offering advanced treatment techniques and alternative solutions, our holistic and corrective care approach had proven track record of success in resolving acute and chronic conditions when others failed.

We aim to deliver the highest standard of musculoskeletal treatment by combining the latest technologies and advanced manual therapy techniques to help anyone from small children to elite athletes to perform their best. 

We have a wealth of experience in alleviating a variety of lower limb conditions and disorders, such as chronic heel pain, plantar fasciitis, arthritis foot pain and different ankle problems. Discover how foot and ankle rehab can help you HERE and what we do HERE

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Why Choose The Footwork Clinic?

We believe in combining modern technologies with advanced manual therapy techniques to develop the most effective treatment protocols to achieve the best possible for patients of The Footwork Clinic.

Conventional podiatry treatment is often focused on adjusting your orthotics and choosing your footwear options. This may offer you some reprieve from pain but not a real correction of your body’s dysfunction and underlying tissue damage. At The Footwork Clinic, we prioritise the correction and rehabilitation of the feet and legs to restore the body’s movement and function.

Our corrective treatment does more than relieving pain; it also helps to :

We do not just get rid of pain, we help you to feel, move and perform your best!

Change the way you walk, Change the way you live!

If you are looking for a place to help with your feet, this is it. Take your first step and make a difference today.

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