About The Footwork Clinic

Restore your foot's function - Be pain-free - Enjoy life

At the Footwork Clinic, we know that you want fully functioning toes, feet and ankles. You want to be pain-free, and repair any kind of damage so that you can lead a normal life without the problems associated with your foot or ankle issue.
In order to do this, you need advanced podiatry treatments and people who know what they’re doing. The problem is, everyone wants to get you to spend thousands on orthotics or have painful surgery which makes you feel disillusioned, concerned and annoyed.
We believe you should be able to get the treatment you need that will give you long term benefits without having to receive surgery or orthotics which is why we have developed advanced treatments that give back the function of the toes, foot and ankles.

Here's how we do it:

Schedule an appointment:

We will call you to asertain your condition and work a time you can visit.

Plan determined and instigated:

After we determine the best plan for your condition, we start treatment.

Life is better

Enjoy your life free from the condition that has been causing you trouble.
So schedule a call now. In the meantime grab your copy of “Podiatrist exposes 5 myths about orthotics”. So you can stop putting up with the pain and discomfort in your toes, foot or ankle and instead have the freedom of movement you desire.

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