Ankle Pain and Injury Treatment

Ankle Pain, Injuries, Stiffness, Weakness

  • Do you wake up with ankle stiffness? Or aching pain in your ankles at the end of the day?
  • Does your ankle feel weak and tends to roll out at times? Or maybe you’ve had an ankle injury and have been told it will just heal but it still doesn’t feel right?
Ankle Pain and Injury Treatment in Sydney CBD, Chatswood

We often sprain or roll our ankles outward for different reasons, such as landing awkwardly from playing netball, falling from a height, or tripping on an uneven footpath. We know that most of the times when we sprain the foot or ankle, the ligaments (fibrous connective tissues that hold the bones in place) would likely get damaged. Even when the tissues have already healed, the ligaments can become weak and compromised and not holding the joints in the right place. 

In addition, some foot and ankle joints can get shifted from their natural position when a sprain occurs, leading to more ankle instability. Unless we address the displacement, the ankle may become permanently weak or unstable, increase the likelihood of further injuries in the future, and even cause osteoarthritis as a result of the joints not operating in their natural position. This could also cause other supporting structures (such as muscles and tendons) forced to compensate leading to lingering pain and other symptoms in the foot and leg.

Yes, wearing an ankle brace, supportive shoes and foot orthotics can help stabilize the ankle and reduce the compensations associated with the weak ankle. However, they only work when you are wearing them, and they do not correct or strengthen the ankle itself.

We want to help you to enjoy the freedom of your feet without relying on any external supports. We aim to correct the ankle dysfunction by improving the joint positioning and re-activating the muscles to stabilize the joints. In other words, our corrective care will improve the ankle structure itself rather than just prescribing shoes and foot orthotics (shoe inserts) to accommodate the problem.

How do we help your ankle stiffness and injury?

We have multimodal treatment approach to address different aspects of an ankle problem for a true corrective care. We employ the combination of Foot Mobilisation Techniques to stabilize the joints, Trigenics® Neuro-muscular Retraining to re-activate the injured muscles, and other effective release techniques such as Active Release Techniques® and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation to remove scar tissues for proper healing.

Contact us today to organize an appointment for your ankle assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. One of the ankle experts at The Footwork Clinic will provide an individually tailored treatment programme to restore normal function and movement of your ankle and help you get back doing what you love to do!

Effective solutions for ankle sprains, ankle pain, ankle stiffness, weak ankles:

  • Foot Mobilisation Techniques
  • Trigenics® Functional Muscle Neurology
  • Movement Assessment Technologies
  • Western Medical Acupuncture
  • Low Level Laser Therapy
  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation
  • Active Release Techniques
  • InterX Neurostimulation Therapy
  • Custom Foot Orthoses
  • Kinesiology Sports Taping
  • Corrective / Rehabilitation Exercise

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