Don’t Go To The Toilet Again Until You Read This 🚽

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Do you flush the toilet with the lid open? This is an important information that may change your daily habit for life. 

What happens when I don’t have the lid down when flushing

When we flush the toilet, the force created by the sudden gush of water causes a phenomenon known as a “toilet plume”. That means the water that removes your waste from the bowl also mixes with particles of that waste will become droplets that escape from the toilet into the air. 

The plume will not only fly up into the air by as high as 4.5m, any adjacent airborne bacteria will stay in the air for at least four to six hours according to a study published by Charles P. Gerba in the journal Applied Microbiology. Any harmful bacteria in the plume such as E.coli can follow air flow and be carried to other rooms in a home. Without broken skin, you’re likely going to be fine. However, certain bacteria like salmonella and shigella and viruses like norovirus and hepatitis A, are transmitted when faecal particles enter the mouth. 

In addition to this, the plume doesn’t swirl around the bathroom then disappear. It can stick on surfaces and objects in the bathroom, including the toilet paper, taps, shavers and toothbrushes. Objects within 1m away are usually where the bacteria will fall on to. 

Closing the lid reduces the spread of droplets and…the Coronavirus❓ 

Many studies suggest that toilet plume could play a contributory role in the transmission of infectious diseases 🔗Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology.

Scientists have warned that the Coronavirus can be spread through the “aerosolised faeces” of an infected person. The good news is there is no proof of Coronavirus transmission to a human via toilet plume as of today. The danger of these aerolised faecal particles are still to be investigate. However, allowing these faecal particles to contaminate your bathroom is probably not doing your health any good.

Just close that lid ❗️

Thankfully, the solution to avoid spreading of germs in bathroom is simple: Just close that lid! 
“Closing the toilet lid could stop around 80 percent of faecal matter particles from being spread”, a mechanical engineering professor from Purdue University, Dr. Qingyan Chen
By taking an extra 1-2 seconds to close the lid when you flush away your waste in public bathrooms, you are doing yourself and the world a favour. If your bathroom is being used by multiple people in the household, it may be a good idea to be considerate to the others too. 

Storing your mouth related items such as cups and toothbrushes inside a cupboard is another good way to keep them clean and safe from any bad bacteria that may be flying away

The lid is not a backrest 😫

The toilet lid is there for one important hygiene reason: prevent the spread of disease through toilet plumes. If you have a habit on reclining on the toilet, you may want to reconsider this. 

What about the public toilets without lids❓

How are you supposed to protect yourself from the polluted plume in a filthy public toilet without a lid? Just run without flushing?

Well…the current recommendation is: Exit at the time of the flush! Open the door, flush, and get far away! 


  • Close the lid first before pressing the button! Polluted particles may still sneak through the gaps between the toilet and its lid, even if it was lowered before flushing
  • Running exhaust fan for 15 minutes will remove vast majority of airborne pathogens
Will you now put down the toilet lid

At The Footwork Clinic, providing a clean and hygienic space to expand people’s health journey has always been one of our top priorities. The #1 toilet rule we have in place at our clinics is “PLEASE CLOSE LID BEFORE FLUSHING”. We also frequently wiping down all the surfaces in the bathroom including the tap, basin, door handle, and toilet buttons to ensure the health and safety of our staff and clients.

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We’re proud to continue supporting the community and offering great health services during this time with the following: 

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Yours in Health,
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