Join a unique podiatry practice and discover how you can take your knowledge, skills and career to the next level.


Who should apply for this role?

🔥Are you a new graduate who wants to start off your career in the right direction?

🔥Have you been practising for 1-2 years but have not found the fulfilment in what you do?

🔥You know there must be more value you can add to your patient’s care, and you want to pursue a unique podiatry career in rehabilitation and strengthening?


This is a rare opportunity to learn and practice a unique treatment model on top of the conventional podiatry interventions. You will be trained to help people in a way you never imagined possible.

If you want to…

👉Work at a practice that is set up for podiatrists who want to step up from the traditional podiatry model, and working with like-minded clinicians and clients that value your expertise 

👉Want to enjoy the fulfilment or satisfaction of delivering the results that your clients probably would not achieved the same elsewhere

👉Work with advanced rehabilitation techniques and cutting-edge technologies incl. high power medical laser, shockwave therapy, nail bracing and fungal nail laser therapy

👉Have the ascension opportunities as a podiatrist, not just a contractor type of role. The capable candidate will receive training for team leader and manager role as we grow

👉Get out of bed each morning feeling motivated and fueled knowing that you will be part of the journey that helps people to regain their health and live their lives to the fullest

👉See what you are contributing is adding value to the bigger picture, a rewarding job that is more than just seeing patients.




  • You have got a  Strong Work Ethics, you are Highly Adaptable and Flexible
  • You Are a Relationship-builder and wants to commit long-term 
  • You are open minded, receptive to feedback and have a coachable attitude. You know the value of coaching.
  • You are honest, loyal and trustworthy.
  • You are extremely accountable for your outcomes.
  • You are a lighting fast learner, and you are fast action-taker.
  • You are passionate and committed to what you do.
  • You are smart, fast and confident decision-maker.
  • You thrive on personal development and absolutely want to grow!
  • You are humble but demand excellence of yourself.
  • You are energised and create energy.
  • You are results-focused and drive yourself to get the best results.

On top of that, you…

💪🏻Believe being a health practitioner is more than just ‘removing’ or ‘treating’ pain, and you want to be a part of the journey that helps people to transform their life

💪🏻Believe treating the dysfunctions is far more valuable than treating the ‘diagnoses’

💪🏻Are open-minded and you believe in a natural and corrective care approach

Thinking This Role Is Tailor-Made For You? Read on to learn more.  

This is a Full-Time position (5 days across Monday to Saturday)

reports directly to the Practice CEO while working closely with other key members of the team.

We have a vision of becoming the most trusted “go-to place” for foot and leg problems on Sydney’s North Shore with our cutting-edge treatment modalities. We’re on a mission to educate people on learning the better way to take care of their feet and are committed to growing progressively in the coming months.


Did you know Podiatry as a career has a high attrition rate!

50% of graduates leave the profession within 5 years. Here is what we have heard:

  • Lack of fulfilment – not knowing how to lead the patients to get the results that they would be grateful for. Patients may even give credit to the orthotics when they feel better, but not the clinician themselves! Or sometimes they just tired of dealing with patients who just don’t care!
  • Lack of leadership development – getting disrespected and even abused by patients, being treated as a commodity who gets told what to treat and how to treat. What’s worse, patients rather pay more to see someone else because they don’t see them as the trusted advisor to help with their bigger problems
  • Sick of working in a conventional podiatry model – not feeling purposeful in their role and not impacting others’ lives positively because they are tired of; 1) cutting skin and nails all day, 2) offering basic podiatry advice and dispensing orthotics to every patient who has a foot problem, or they refer on because they think their duty stops after they have done their podiatry interventions
  • Lack of professional support – they tried to implement new treatment and do something different to their patients. However, they go back to the old way after a while, because they get more resistance from the patients than results after a while of trial and error. Or their practice was simply not setup to support a different treatment model

Your work will always fill a large part of your life, the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work…

You should have the whole support system, structure and stability in workplace that is set up for you to do the great work.


“Your patients deserve more than just orthotics.”

They deserve a care plan that would lead them away from their problem and bring them closer to the better future that they want.

Your patients deserve to walk pain-free, stay active, and enjoy the free movement of their feet without orthotics, surgeries, or drugs.

  • You deserve to be the healthcare leader that patients respect and rave about instead of being treated as a commodity
  •  You deserve to serve in a way that would make you more fulfilled and impactful
  • Your time and headspace deserve to be devoted to patients that are aligned with your values and want to follow the recovery pathway that you lay out for them

Because It is not right that you almost care about getting the results for your patients more than they do themselves.

It is not your fault that you have not been trained how to summon their own motivation and make foot health a priority for them

if you enjoy impacting others for the positive and achieving better clinical results, 

then we’d love to talk to you today!



Managing musculoskeletal conditions as a podiatrist is not the same without our framework and structure.

Combined over 20 years of experience focusing on musculoskeletal care of the lower limb

First and only Podiatrists in Australia to qualify and practice Trigenics® Functional Muscle Neurology Treatment

Advanced Musculoskeletal Training in Manual Therapies, Fitness Training and Movement Restoration Coach Background

Track record of success with our own signature foot rehabilitation and strengthening program, successfully integrated the treatment methodology of sports podiatry, functional rehabilitation, manual therapy techniques and high-power medical laser

Here is you’ll get when you join The Footwork Clinic Team:

This is not your typical “biomechanics podiatry” or “sports podiatrist” role

✨You will enjoy serving a 90% MSK caseload mostly without orthotics

You will be learning and practicing our signature functional foot rehab model

You will learn what is rehab podiatrist as a concept and as a profession

  • 6-week Practitioner Acceleration Training  Program to get you equipped to start your journey as a hands-on rehab podiatrist. Learn to heal with your ‘hands’ to help more people and achieve clinical results that you have never imagined you could
  • Ongoing training and mentoring with weekly 1 to 1, daily huddles, weekly team meetings, quarterly performance review to help you grow.
  • Based salary with performance-based bonuses (weekly, monthly, and quarterly incentive bonuses). You can be earning over 6 figures gross + super per annum within 1-2 years as you grow your list with our proven framework and treatment model
  • Proven systems and processes in place with a supportive environment for you to step in and perform
  • Professional development training in communication, management, digital marketing, and individual learning requirements to develop your career.
  • You will be shifted from being ‘another podiatrist’ who offers basic podiatric care,  to become the trusted advisor of your client who would lead them to their ideal future and be part of their lifetime health journey. And your patients will be grateful for not just the ‘pain reduction’, but the amazing functional changes of their body that you create for them
  • You will become the clinician that people would travel long distance to see because you are able to achieve life-changing results for them when others failed
  • You will be part of a growing team that has already lay out the foundation and ready to hit the next level with the right candidate. You will be working for an owner that is determined grow his practice so that he can help more people with what he believes in. You will be part of something big and a future of unlimited opportunities
  • Working in a new modern clinic in the heart of Sydney’s North Shore -Chatswood, a convenient location with a 5 min walk from the train station, buses, and other amenities. Underground staff parking available if required. Swimming pool and a small gym room also available within the building


🎁 Exclusive Trigenics® Training from Dr. Michael Egan, the top Functional Muscle Neurology Practitioner in Australia – Valued $950

🎁 Initial Full Body Chiropractic Assessment and Care Program to optimise your health before you optimise others, delivered by Dr. Michael Egan, Sports Chiropractor at Motion Health Centre – Valued $1,499

🎁 TFC Initial Corrective Foot Care Program by Mark and Wei, Rehab Podiatrists at TFC– Valued $1,363

🎁 Clinician Welcome Pack (1x Barefoot Science Inserts, 1x Handmaster Plus Exercise Ball, 1x TheraBand Resistance FlexBar, 1x Posture Medic, 2x TFC Polo Shirts, 2x TFC Business Shirts) – Valued $645

TOTAL VALUE = $4,450


 Want to learn a little bit more about us?


Keep reading!


What We Do 

In today’s modern world, we teach ourselves to wear shoes from a very young age, but we are born with the capacity to develop active, resilient, and pain-free feet that could support our body for life.

Many people suffer from foot, ankle, and leg pain or injuries as their foot function declines. They lose the ability to walk barefoot, and over time, must be more dependent on footwear, orthotics, or even surgeries to be comfortable on their feet.

We provide advanced rehabilitation solutions to free up movement, eliminate pain, and heal the feet with a unique restorative approach, so that our clients can get back feeling natural on their feet and live life to the fullest with stronger, healthier, and more functional feet.

Experienced Podiatrist Chatswood Nail Foot Care Clinic Sports Podiatry Trigenics


The Culture

Forget the traditional doctor’s practice culture. We left that behind years ago for a reason and have created something entirely different!? At Team The Footwork Clinic, we’re all family and here to support you however we can!



You’ll get to work in a fast-growing company, where there are loads of career growth and ascension opportunities. We provide training and support to help you learn and grow personally and professionally. You’ll also see “behind the scenes” of how Mark grew his business from scratch

The Footwork Clinic is a busy, progressive and growing practice, so no day is ever going be the same!

We are constantly evolving and upgrading to help you grow more, achieve more, enjoy your work more, and over-deliver to our clients to drive them the best possible results

Join our rapidly growing business in an area with unlimited potential for new ideas and initiatives.


So are you the next Rehab Pod superstar we are looking for?


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