Finding Relief: Treatment for Arthritis in Feet and Ankles by The Footwork Clinic, Chatswood

Living with arthritis in feet and ankles can be a struggle, causing discomfort and limiting mobility.


We understand the pain and frustration it brings. That’s why at The Footwork Clinic in Chatswood, we’re dedicated to providing arthritis treatment in the feet and ankles. Our goal is to help you find relief and have the freedom to move with ease.


Many of us think of arthritis as something that only affects the hands or knees. But did you know it can also target our feet and toes?


From the base of our feet up to our ankles, arthritis ensures it makes its presence felt, providing you with unbearable pain. At The Footwork Clinic in Chatswood, we understand your need for foot or ankle arthritis treatment and relief.


We’re here to shed light on this topic and offer solutions to help you ease that pain.


Understanding Arthritis in Feet and Ankles


Arthritis is a result of the wear and tear our joints undergo, which you may also experience in the feet and ankles.


With 33 joints in just one foot, it’s no wonder many experience stiffness, pain, or even a grating sensation during movement. While many associate arthritis in feet and toes with old age, it can appear as early as one’s mid-20s.


The most vulnerable are those with pre-existing health issues and conditions and have an unhealthy lifestyle.


There is no direct treatment for arthritis in feet and toes, although you can apply remedies for temporary relief and The Footwork Clinic can provide corrective treatment.


Types of Arthritis in Feet and Ankles


When it comes to treatment for arthritis in the feet and ankles, one size doesn’t fit all. There are different types of arthritis, and knowing which one you have is key. Getting the right diagnosis means you can find the best treatment approach and start feeling better sooner.




Osteoarthritis, particularly in the feet and ankles, is a degenerative joint condition where the protective cartilage wears down over time.


Common causes include age, genetics, and previous joint injuries.


Factors like excessive weight, improper footwear, and undue stress on the joints can exacerbate the condition. Arthritis in feet and toes can manifest as stiffness, pain, and swelling, making daily activities challenging.


For those experiencing arthritis in feet and ankles, treatments range from non-surgical interventions like physical therapy to surgical options.


Ankle arthritis treatment often focuses on alleviating pain and improving mobility. It’s essential to consult a specialist for tailored advice and treatment options.


Rheumatoid Arthritis


Rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic inflammatory disorder, can severely affect the feet, leading to debilitating pain and mobility issues.


Commonly impacted areas include the feet and ankles, with symptoms often manifesting in the toes. Causes range from genetic factors to environmental triggers. Certain activities or injuries can worsen the condition, necessitating specialised treatments.


Post-Traumatic Arthritis


Post-traumatic arthritis is a form of inflammation that emerges in the joints following a trauma.


Unlike typical arthritis, which develops over many years due to wear and tear, this condition can manifest swiftly after an injury. Factors that exacerbate it include bone fractures or dislocations, which can rapidly induce arthritis in the affected joint.


Injuries to the feet and ankles can lead to arthritis in these areas. When not addressed, the condition can worsen, making activities like walking or running painful.


Understanding the Causes of Arthritis in Feet and Ankles

Arthritis in the feet and ankles is not just a result of aging; it can stem from a variety of factors, which are:


  • Past Injuries: An old ankle sprain or other foot injuries can pave the way for arthritis later on.
  • Weight Concerns: Being overweight places added stress on the foot and ankle joints, increasing the risk of arthritis.
  • Inherited Traits: Genetics can play a role, making some more susceptible to the condition.
  • Systemic Diseases: Conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, gout, Reiter’s syndrome, and reactive arthritis can contribute to foot and ankle arthritis.
  • Biomechanical Factors: These include issues like joint misalignment, which leads to increased wear and tear, muscle dysfunction, especially weak or tight calf muscles, excessive foot pronation, and having high arches or flatfeet.


Arthritis in feet and ankles treatment with The Footwork Clinic involves addressing the biomechanical factors with Foot Mobilisation Techniques and Trigenics among the few.


With the right foot and arthritis treatment and changes in lifestyle, you can get rid of the pain and prevent the arthritis from worsening, ensuring better mobility and comfort.


How to Find Relief

If you are suffering from arthritis in your feet and ankles, consider trying quick remedies for immediate relief, particularly during unexpected pain flare-ups or while awaiting a scheduled treatment.


For a lasting solution, it’s best to consult a trusted podiatrist. The Footwork Clinic specialises in treating arthritis in the feet, offering enduring relief from persistent symptoms. Discover various home remedies you can try and learn how The Footwork Clinic can assist you.


Quick Remedies for Foot and Ankle Arthritis Relief

When arthritis strikes the feet and ankles, it can be both painful and limiting.


But there are home remedies that can offer quick relief, especially during sudden pain episodes.


Here’s a list of remedies and their benefits:


Quick Remedies

What It Does

ExerciseAlleviates symptoms and prevents further regression of arthritis. Activities like swimming, biking, and walking are recommended as they’re ankle-friendly.
DietA balanced diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole foods, can improve symptoms and energy levels. Maintaining a healthy weight also reduces stress on the ankles.
Hot and Cold CompressHeating pads can relax the ankle joint, easing stiffness. Conversely, ice packs can diminish inflammation and pain.
Shoe ModificationsSwitching to more supportive footwear or adding improved padding can significantly enhance ankle comfort.
Over-the-Counter MedicinesNSAIDs like Advil or Aleve can help reduce inflammation and pain, providing temporary relief.


The Footwork Clinic Foot and Ankle Arthritis Solutions for Long-Term Relief


Through Foot Mobilisation Techniques, The Footwork Clinic gently manipulate the bones and joints of the feet and ankles to restore normal range of motion and reduce pain.


This therapy can help improve joint alignment and reduce stress on the affected areas.


Trigenics®, on the other hand, combines manual therapy, exercise, and neuro-kinetic movements to rebalance the muscles and improve muscle function. This holistic approach helps strengthen weak muscles and alleviate the strain on arthritic joints.




Foot Mobilisation Techniques
  • Restores joint mobility
  • Reduces pain
  • Improves alignment
  • Strengthens muscles
  • Reduces strain on joints
  • Improves overall function


If you’re dealing with foot and ankle discomfort due to arthritis, don’t let it slow you down.


Book an appointment with The Footwork Clinic in Chatswood.


We offer specialised foot and ankle arthritis treatment. Our committed team will collaborate with you to create a treatment strategy that meets your individual requirements.

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