Foot Mobilisation Techniques​

Are you looking for an alternative solution to fix your feet without being dependent on orthotics? Or are you still in pain despite wearing orthotics and trying different treatments?


A natural solution to fix your pain and restore your foot function


Foot Mobilisation Techniques (FMT) is the use of a manual therapeutic method to treat musculoskeletal conditions of the foot and leg.


Joint Mobilisation/Manipulation is a long established hands-on therapy that is being widely used by manual therapists – mainly chiropractor, physiotherapist, and osteopath, to treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions throughout the body. However, rarely any of them perform the techniques comprehensively to treat specific foot and leg conditions.


At The Footwork Clinic, our sports podiatrists are highly trained and experienced in the unique foot mobilisation techniques to fix foot and ankle problems. We help you to feel better, move better and perform better without medications, surgeries, and using orthotics or changing your footwear in a majority of the cases.

How do we do the work?

The therapy targets at freeing up restrictions and stiffness of the joints in the feet and improving the position of the joints to allow your body to naturally restore its optimal biomechanics (structure and movement of the body).

  • The joints will be taken through their natural motions to break up adhesions and restrictions within the area that prevents the joint to operate at its best position.
  • Treatment is usually combined with specific but SIMPLE corrective exercises, which allow you to contribute and maintain the improvement of your feet when you stopped seeing us.

What do Foot Mobilisation Techniques actually do to the body?

Foot Mobilisation Techniques have been proven in the ability to:


  • Improve joint mobility by breaking up connective tissue adhesions and restrictions around joints.
  • Improve postural stability by stimulating the body’s proprioceptive systems. Significant improvement was seen particularly in elderly.
  • Improve muscle strength by invigorating the efferent nerve messages from the brain to the relevant muscles.
  • Reduce the ‘pain messages’ sent to the brain by stimulating the joint mechanoreceptors which suppress the nociceptor (a sensory receptor for painful stimuli) impulses to the brain.

FMT is the optimal treatment to increase the range of mobility in foot and ankle joints.

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How Foot Mobilisation Techniques have helped thousands of people around the world to get back on their feet PAIN-FREE

Restriction and misalignment of the foot and ankle joints are the primary cause of most pains and aches we see in our clinic every day, which is often being overlooked by many doctors and orthopedic physicians because they tend to focus on treating the diagnosis or symptoms.

Patients would often describe having sore feet, aching feet, poor balancing, general pain and tightness everywhere, heaviness or stiffness around the foot and ankle, or “the feet just don’t feel right!”, without any specific diagnosis or an exact location of pain.

These symptoms often happen when joints of the feet are not moving freely within their optimal position, and all the supporting structures such as muscles, tendons, ligaments are all being forced to compensate causing pain and discomfort everywhere. It has been well documented that joint stiffness can cause or exacerbate common foot pathologies such as plantar fasciitis, ankle injury, arthritisbunions, and Achilles tendinosis.

Foot mobilisation is a gentle ‘hands-on’ treatment technique that diagnoses and corrects misalignment of the foot and ankle. We guide the body to heal itself by testing and adjusting all 26 bones and 33 joints in your foot to restore the normal joint range of motion and function.

Why Foot Mobilisation is the preferred treatment of choice for foot pain and bunions

  • A great alternative treatment to improve bunions naturally and gently guide the joints and big toe to their correct position without orthotics or invasive surgeries. We can fix the bunions pain and prevent the misalignment from getting worse over time. Discover more about Bunions / Hallux Valgus Here.
  • A true corrective approach that really fixes the problem — our treatment modality does not just treat the symptoms or hide a problem with a temporary solution. Instead, we get to the root cause of the problem and guide the body to heal properly and completely.
  • You get to stay active — during the therapy you are actually encouraged to continue normal activities in most cases. You can still go to work, play your sports or wear your favorite shoes without having to take time off from your daily life activities while you heal.
  • It’s non-invasive — no drugs, no surgeries, no old crunch, click and aggressive techniques necessary. Our skills have refined over the years with very gentle and pain-free techniques available.
  • No orthotics necessary — means you have the FREEDOM of your feet and you do not need to change the shoes you love to accommodate orthotics!

If traditional treatment methods have not worked for you, chances are one of our Sports Podiatrists can a difference for you! We have a focus on diagnosing and treating foot and ankle pain using advanced musculoskeletal techniques. We are the expert in lower limb pain and injury treatment and are committed to providing holistic health care to make a difference for our patients.

CALL US to discuss how we can help you feel better TODAY!

This is an effective treatment for:

  • Heel Pain, Arch Pain, Plantar Fasciitis / Fasciosis, Heel Spurs
  • Ankle Pain / Injury
  • Foot, Ankle and Knee Arthritis
  • Bunions / Hammer Toes
  • Aching Feet / Foot Stiffness
  • Achilles Tendon Pain / Injury
  • Morton’s Neuroma
  • Ball of Foot Pain / Metatarsalgia
  • Shin Splints
  • Tight / Aching Leg Muscles
  • Knee, Hip and Lower Back Pain
  • Posture/Gait Problems in Adults & Kids
  • Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction
  • Balance Problems in Elderly
  • Pregnancy Foot Pain
  • Fibromyalgia

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