How to Correct Fallen Arches?

Fallen arches are extremely painful, and if you or one of your loved one’s are suffering from this condition, you know how debilitating it can be.


Day to day activities may be affected, which can influence other areas of your life. Thus, you are probably wondering how to correct fallen arches.


If you suspect you have fallen arches, it’s understandable if you want to get the best treatment.

What Are Fallen Arches?

Normal feet have arches. However, there are a few people who were born without them. Some people have developed this condition due to obesity, arthritis, pregnancy, other health issues and foot injuries. Neurological disorders, such as stroke, cerebral palsy, and polio, can also put people at risk.


Fallen arches are also known as flat feet or collapsed feet. Most of the time, fallen arches affect both feet, although there are instances where only one foot is affected.


Fallen arches themselves are not painful. The pain is due to the swelling caused by the collapse of the inner arches as the sole of the feet touches the ground as you stand up.


Signs and Symptoms

Due to the swelling, fallen arches can be felt in different areas of the legs and feet, such as the knee and heels. It can also be felt on the hips. Patients who have this condition find it difficult to stand and do tip-toes.


Another sign that you might be suffering from fallen arches is when maintaining your balance becomes difficult.


How to Correct Fallen Arches Using Home Remedies

If you want a 100% effective treatment for your fallen arches, you should consult your podiatrist for the best recommendation. But if you’re looking for home remedies to alleviate the pain, you can do one or a combination of the following suggestions.



There are specific exercises that can help correct your fallen arches. It is best to consult your podiatrist first to ensure that the movement won’t worsen your condition or be bad for you. It is essential, especially if you’re suffering from other ailments.


Tennis Ball Rolls

One example of an exercise you can do is tennis ball rolls. If you don’t have a tennis ball, you can use a golf ball or anything of the same size and shape.


This exercise is easy. You only have to sit straight on a chair, place the tennis ball under your foot, and roll the ball underneath.


Calf Raises

Another exercise that you can try is calf raises. It is an easy exercise but can be painful because of your fallen arches. As mentioned, ask your podiatrist’s advice before doing this exercise.


As for calf raises, you need to stand and raise your heels. As you reach the highest distance with your heels, hold for around five seconds. Assume the original position after that. If balancing is difficult, hold onto something to support your balance, such as a tabletop or a chair.


Heel Stretches

Heel stretches is another excellent yet simple exercise for fallen arches. Step one foot forward, bending your knee and extending the leg behind you. Press the heels of your foot into the floor as you lean your upper body forward, bend the front leg, and stretch the back leg.


If balancing is difficult for you, rest your hands on a wall in front of you as you stretch.


Lose Weight

Losing weight is crucial, especially if your fallen arches are due to obesity. Make sure to eat a balanced meal and exercise daily to maintain your body’s healthy weight.



Do not participate in activities that will worsen your condition. Control the way you stand or walk. If you need to exercise, go for low-impact exercises, such as walking, yoga, and cycling.



Analgesics are a quick temporary fix for pain. Analgesics of painkillers are available over-the-counter and the most accessible medication you can take when in pain. However, take analgesics per a podiatrist’s recommendation.


Taking too many analgesics may lead to severe medical issues, such as organ failure and death.


What is the Best Thing to Do When You Have Fallen Arches?

If you have fallen arches, the first action to take is to consult your podiatrist. An expert will make a proper assessment and diagnosis regarding your condition. You can trust that the treatment that you’ll receive will be effective and permanent, improving your quality of life.


Among these recommendations, your podiatrist might ask you to use arch supports, supportive shoes, or even undergo a particular therapy. To learn more about your condition and receive the best treatment, visit The Footwork Clinic today!


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