Advanced Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Fix Ingrown Toenails Without Surgery​

Walk and play pain-free




It’s wrong that you have been told the only options for an ingrown toenail is surgery or to put up with the pain.

Finally, an advanced, pain-free option to surgery that will fix your ingrown toenail long-term…The team at The Footwork Clinic can help.

Having an ingrown toenail is frustrating, painful and embarrassing:

Not treating it effectively can lead to bigger or permanent damage to the toe and toenail, eventually costing more time, effort and money to fix.

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If an ingrown or involuted toenail is not treated correctly, it could come back even after surgery. This is why Nail Bracing is the best way to start treating your involuted or ingrown toenail painlessly.

ingrown toenail

After treating patients for more than 15 years, I understand how important it is for you to find a long term solution that works. Surgery isn't for everyone, in fact it shouldn't be the only answer.

That’s why when I saw toenail bracing I knew I had to be an early adopter and offer it to my clients. It’s important to me that my clients receive solutions that work longterm.

We have already done the hard work to ensure you get the best and fastest result

One of the most experienced in nail bracing treatment -Total # of Nail Braces Applied = 896 and counting.
Combined over 25 years’ experience of managing involuted and ingrown toenails.
Successfully combine different nail bracing techniques, first and only clinic to be trained and certified in 6 nail correction systems. We have worked out the best treatment protocol with combined techniques to adapt different types of ingrown toenails.

I’ve seen too often the pain and discomfort caused by a flared up or infected ingrown toenail.

You don’t have to put up with it….

We have a solution no matter what stage your ingrown toenail is in; Whether it’s just flared up, keeps coming back or is fully infected. Our programs work long term, give you back your quality of life and be pain-free.

Mark Lin
Founder The FootWork Clinic

What To Do Now:​

Book Your Nail Assessment :

We will find out the probable cause of your ingrown toenail, check the shape and condition of your toenail to determine if you are a good candidate for nail correction or if it is the best option for you. If not, we will help you with our best practice recommendation.

Gentle Nail Correction without Surgery:

If we believe nail bracing is the best option for you, we will start your nail correction or we will find another option that would work best for you.

Put Your Ingrown Toenail In The Past:

Enjoy your life without an ingrown toenail, be pain-free, the shape of the toenail restored, a straighter and flatter toenail that looks normal and receive a better result than surgery.

It’s time to stop allowing your quality of life to be impacted because of an ingrown toenail.

With advanced toenail bracing, you will:

There is no need to live with the pain and discomfort of ingrown toenails for the rest of your life.

Book in now for Toenail bracing.

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