How to Have Your Ingrown Toenails Removed

Do you love trimming your nails short, including the side part of your nails? Do you still wear your ill-fitting shoes? If this is you, you are at risk of your toenails becoming ingrown, and you should learn how you can get these ingrown toenails removed.


Many people claim you can treat ingrown toenails from home. Although some people are lucky to remove them successfully, it does not mean that they won’t come back. By taking measures into your own hands, you can make your toes’ condition worse.


For this reason, you need to seek medical intervention to have your ingrown toenails removed permanently.


Ways to Have Ingrown Toenails Removed

Podiatrists are the professionals you should look for if you have ingrown toenails. Ingrown removal is one of the basic services they offer.


They use either of the two basic ways to remove ingrown toenails or prevent them from returning. These are surgery and nail bracing.



Ingrown toenail surgery may be the best choice for patients with long-term or recurring ingrown toenail problems. It provides a permanent solution for patients who tried the non-invasive options, but it didn’t work for them.


Having surgery, such as partial-nail avulsions, can provide you with the fastest and the most permanent way to get rid of an ingrown toenail. The Footwork Clinic delivers this kind of surgery to treat ingrown toenails.


In the clinic, partial nail avulsions are performed with matrixectomy surgery to permanently fix the ingrown toenail problem.


A partial nail-avulsion operation is a quick procedure. A chemical used in medicine is applied to the affected area, stopping up to 95% of nail regrowth. That is why it has a high success percentage as a permanent treatment to ingrown toenails.


Do not worry about the pain because your podiatrist will use anesthetics before operating. Although post-surgical pain is possible, it is minimal. You can immediately get back on your feet and walk home safely after this procedure.


However, if you are scared of invasive treatment or the surgery is not for you for some reason, you can choose the nail bracing option.



Nail bracing is best for those who do not wish to have surgery and for those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, and allergic to anesthetics.


Nail braces are among Australia’s best and reliable podiatry tools that provide relief for people with ingrown toenails.


Ingrown toenail bracing called BS Brace System is a gentler alternative to surgery, providing painless treatment with high safety standards. It doesn’t require any anaesthetic, nor does it involve the removal of any parts of your nails.


BS Brace was first introduced in Australia and was registered with TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) and designated as a Class-1 medical device. Now, many podiatrists worldwide have been using this as an ingrown treatment for almost 30 years.


What to Do If You Have Ingrown Toenails?

It is good to take a break when you are into foot-related activities to help prevent more trauma in the affected area. It is also important to avoid wearing ill-fitting shoes and socks as they can add pressure to your feet, making your condition worse and more painful.


If you want to feel better, soaking your feet in a basin of warm, salty water for 15 minutes can help. Allow to dry completely and then cover with a cloth.


However, don’t try to cut or pick at an ingrown nail. Ask for help from a podiatrist. A podiatrist has the right tools and expertise to get rid of this problem permanently.


A podiatrist will do the ingrown toenail removal for you and can advise you on the best treatment options and medications to take. Your foot doctor can also offer you tips to prevent having ingrown toenails in the future.


If you are suffering from ingrown toenails or other foot issues and injuries, visit Footwork Clinic today!

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