Position Available: Rehabilitation Podiatrist

Do More Than Just Treat Pain

Become the podiatrist in demand people put their hands up to see. 


Join a unique podiatry practice and discover how you can take your knowledge, skills and career to the next level.

Unparalleled Learning

A rare opportunity to learn and practice a unique treatment model over conventional podiatry interventions.

Champion Podiatrist

Unlimited Growth

Ascension opportunities as a podiatrist, security with a long-term position, potential six-figure income. The capable candidate will receive training for team leader and manager roles as we grow.

Bring Hope

Master hands-on rehab skills and deliver life-changing results for people who have been told: “there’s nothing else that can be done”.

You didn't become a podiatrist to just treat symptoms.
Finally you can bring long lasting, proven results to your clients. Join Our Team!

Being a healthcare professional can be hard, especially when you are not part of the right team.

You should never have to experience this:

Who We Are

The Culture

Forget the traditional doctor’s practice culture. We left that behind years ago for a reason and have created something entirely different!? At The Footwork Clinic, we’re all family and here to support you however we can!


You’ll get to work in a fast-growing company, where there are loads of career growth and ascension opportunities. We provide training and support to help you learn and grow personally and professionally. You’ll also see “behind the scenes” of how Mark grew his business from scratch.

Managing musculoskeletal conditions as a podiatrist is not the same without our framework and structure.

Combined well over 20 years of experience focusing on musculoskeletal care of the lower limb

First and only Podiatrists in Australia to qualify and practice Trigenics® Functional Muscle Neurology Treatment

Advanced Musculoskeletal Training in Manual Therapies, Fitness Training and Movement Restoration Coach Background

Track record of success with our own signature foot rehabilitation and strengthening program, successfully integrated the treatment methodology of sports podiatry, functional rehabilitation, manual therapy techniques and high-power medical laser

Become The Podiatrist People Travel From
All Over To See

About You:

You have been practising for 1-2 years but have not found the fulfilment in what you do?
Or you are a new graduate who wants to start off your career in the right direction and learn all the advanced skills and strategies that required to become a A-grade health practitioner from the get-go?
  • You have a Strong Work Ethic and are Highly Adaptable and Flexible
  • You Are a Relationship-builder and want to commit long-term.
  • You are open-minded, receptive to feedback and have a coachable attitude.
  • You know the value of coaching.
  • You are honest, loyal, and trustworthy.
  • You are extremely accountable for your outcomes.
  • You are a lighting-fast learner, and you are a fast action-taker.
  • You are passionate and committed to what you do.
  • You are a smart, fast and confident decision-maker.
  • You thrive on personal development and absolutely want to grow!
  • You are humble but demand excellence of yourself.
  • You are energised and create energy.
  • You are results-focused and drive yourself to get the best results.

Key responsibilities

  • Evaluate, create, and administer a customized program for each patient as needed.
  • Ensure proper paperwork and processes are in place for each individual.
  • Treat sport-related foot and leg injuries, like fractures.
  • Use various podiatric techniques (like casting and laser therapy) to treat deformities and ailments.
  • Prescribe joint pain relief medication and foot orthoses that improve mobility.
  • Review patients’ medical history.
  • Advise patients on foot care and general wellness practices.
  • Order additional medical tests (like X-rays, ultrasounds and bone density tests) to form a better diagnosis if necessary.
This is a full time role with hours across Mon-Sat


TFC Initial Corrective Foot Care Program

You will be provided with a Foot Care Program from Mark and Wei, Rehab Podiatrists, – Valued $1,363

Clinician Member Health Pack

• 1x Barefoot Science Inserts
• 1x Handmaster Plus Exercise Ball
• 1x TheraBand Resistance FlexbBar
• 1x PostureMedic
• 2x TFC Polo Shirts
• 2x TFC Business Shirts
Valued $645

Full Body Chiropractic Assessment

Initial Full Body Chiropractic Assessment and Care Program to optimise your health before you optimise others, delivered by Dr. Michael Egan, Sports Chiropractor– Valued $1,499 AUD

Exclusive Initial Trigenics® Training

Exclusive Initial Trigenics® Training from Dr Michael Egan, the top Functional Muscle Neurology Practitioner in Australia – Value $1,499 AUD

Join us today and ready to excel in a high-energy team and serve in a way that makes you feel impactful and fulfilled

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