Relief from Shin Splints | Shin Pain Treatment

Shin splints entails pain in the lower leg and this is often experienced along the shin bone (tibia). It occurs on the outer side (anterior) or inner side (medial) of the shin bone and no one would cheerfully want to sustain such pains. But for athletes and active individuals especially runners, shin splints is most likely to occur.

Relief from Shin Splints, Shin Pain Treatment in Chatswood

Shin splints is a generic term to describe pain along the shin bone and often associated with these conditions:

Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS) – One wouldn’t be wrong to say that MTSS is the most common form of shin splints, typically caused by excessive and repetitive stress on the shin bone during weight-bearing exercise. Symptoms of MTSS include aching, bruising, burning and sometimes sharp pain in the middle to lower thirds of the shin pain. It can involve periostitis (inflammation of the band of tissue surrounds the bone), stress reaction or even deteriorate to stress fracture of the shin bone if not arrested at the tender stage.

Compartment Syndrome – Compartment Syndrome happens when there is insufficient blood supply within the muscle compartment of the lower leg due to increased level of tissue pressure. This condition doesn’t just cause aching, swelling, tightness, pins and needles, or electricity-like pain, the build-up of pressure can disrupt circulation of lower leg and feet and may require surgical release to avoid irreversible muscle and nerve damage that may occur If not treated early.

Tight and Aching Leg Muscles – Patients often relate tight muscles around the shin bone to shin splints, as the symptoms are similar to the conditions above. Muscles that are stressed, overused or contain active triggers points, can cause chronic debilitating pain that often gets misdiagnosed in patients. Discover more HERE.

Our approach:

Early evaluation and intervention is the key to avoiding worsened conditions. We believe in optimum fitness and have a wealth of experience in what we do. We accurately diagnose the stage of the condition, exact muscles and soft tissues that are affected, so that an appropriate rehabilitation plan can be developed tailored to meet your health or training goals.


Beside poor running form, improper footwear, and training overload, biomechanical dysfunction of the lower body is known to be the leading cause or contributing factor to shin splints. Once we detect the underlying biomechanical problems, which may include any movement impairment, joint misalignment, and muscle imbalance, we would develop a tailored treatment plan to not just to treat the symptoms, but correct the underlying cause for long-term relief and performance benefits.

Specialised treatment techniques we may incorporate to treat shin splints include:

  • Foot Mobilisation Techniques
  • Trigenics Functional Muscle Neurology
  • Movement Assessment Technologies
  • Western Medical Acupuncture
  • Low-Level Laser Therapy
  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation
  • Active Release Techniques
  • Custom Foot Orthoses
  • Kinesiology Sports Taping
  • Corrective / Rehabilitation Exercise

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