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Sydney CBD Clinic

We are a leading sports podiatry clinic located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, located just 5 mins away from Town Hall station.

We specialize in musculoskeletal treatment for pain and injury in the lower limb. Offering advanced treatment techniques and alternative solutions, our holistic and corrective care approach had a proven track record of success in resolving acute and chronic conditions when others failed.

Footwork’s Sydney CBD clinic aims to deliver the highest standard of musculoskeletal treatment by combining the latest technologies and advanced manual therapy techniques to help anyone from small children to elite athletes to perform their best. We have a wealth of experience in alleviating a variety of lower limb conditions and disorders, such as chronic heel pain, plantar fasciitis, arthritis foot pain and different ankle problems.

Podiatry without orthotics

We are your foot care provider that aims to transform the lives of those who suffer from foot and leg problems by delivering a true corrective solution and help them to enjoy a healthy active lifestyle for as long as possible without relying on traditional, rigid orthotics.


Our treatment methods are mostly “hands-on” manual therapies and are often orthotic-free, pain-free, or surgery-free. We don’t just provide a general solution to all our clients; we offer individually tailored solutions to help reach your health goal(s).


Our hands-on treatment techniques help to provoke the body’s healing response and guide the body to heal better naturally for a true corrective approach.

Mark Lin of Sydney CBD Clinic

Mark Lin

As the founder of The Footwork Clinic, he established the practice to provide the best and unique solution for foot pain, as well as to create a true and corrective treatment approach that he would like to receive if he was a patient.

After years of treating pain and injuries and seeing many not getting the best results with conventional treatments, he worked hard to expand his knowledge, and improve his clinical skills by learning from different professions and thinking outside the box to view problems from different angles.

Eventually, Mark developed treatment modalities that would genuinely deliver the best possible results for foot and leg problems. He shares an idea that every patient that comes through the door of a health professional should receive the best treatment advice and solution available. And there is much more a patient should receive other than conventional treatments that may only accommodate the symptoms but do not address the cause of the problem nor correct the body’s dysfunction.

“I believe achieving and maintaining optimal foot function is the key to enjoying a healthy active lifestyle at any phase of life.” -Mark Lin

Since opening in the heart of Sydney’s north shore -Roseville, he has successfully implemented his treatment approach and delivered many life-changing experiences for chronic pain sufferers.

Sports Podiatrist Chatswood Foot Nail Care Treatment Solutions Orthotic Therapy

Wei Lee

As a member of The Footwork Clinic, Wei incorporates a variety of advanced treatment techniques, which include Foot Mobilisation, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation, Movement Assessment Techniques, Dry Needling among others, and these have helped to build his capabilities. Wei is also highly skilled in nail bracing systems and toenail surgery techniques.

Wei has invested much in staying abreast of the industry’s latest technology including shockwave therapy and low-level laser therapy. Wei is the first ever podiatrist in Western Australia (WA) licensed and recognized by Radiological council WA to use class 4 laser for podiatric conditions, including fungal nail infection. He then advanced to become the second podiatrist in Australia, following Mark Lin, to practice Trigenics® – an advanced neuro-muscular retraining system.

At The Footwork Clinic, Wei and Mark work together in a commitment to research and develop effective treatments for all of those who seek relief from the pain they feel. He has endless dedication to his line of work and the patients who seek his service. Regardless of what area he is working on or what technique he is using, Wei wants his patients to feel safe and comfortable as he works to fix their foot problems. The most important part of his job is to assure that they all can get their lives back on track, and there’s no better place than The Footwork Clinic for Wei to do this.

Wei had been personally trained with Mark and performs exactly the same treatment. He has been receiving impressive results from all our patients here too.

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