Non-Surgical Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Non-Surgical Ingrown Toenail Fungus Treatment in Sydney

Stop worrying about how your toes look



We use the latest laser treatment to get you results.

Completely Painless

Completely Painless

Just sit back and relax.

Quick and Effective ​

Quick and Effective ​

The sessions are less than 20 minutes.

You don’t have to be a statistic.

It’s time to stop hiding your toes and remove the pain caused by toenail fungus.

You deserve a simple pain free treatment that will remove the embarrassment of ugly toenail fungus.
The team at the Footwork Clinic can help.

Ever feel this way:

Are your toenails discoloured?

After dealing with hundreds of patients our team understand the frustration and embarrassment you feel because of toenail fungus.

That’s why we offer an advanced laser treatment to remove toenail fungus and get you back to enjoying the lifestyle you want.
Non-Surgical Ingrown Toenail Fungus Treatment in Sydney

Finally A Real Solution To Getting Rid Of Toenail Fungus. Toenail laser treatment therapy...


What our clients have to say...

Zack Ringrow
Zack Ringrow
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I’ve been going to The Footwork Clinic for almost 6 years and they are by far the best and most professional for all feet types.. I’ve had many injuries and issues with my feet for years and The Footwork Clinic have always looked after me and got me back to normal as quick and efficient as possible. Couldn’t recommend them enough… massive shoutout to Mark too he is THE best in the business
Kath Boyd
Kath Boyd
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Mark & Wei are both outstanding, knowledgeable and compassionate medical professionals. Anyone with foot or leg issues would certainly benefit from visiting The Footwork Clinic. I have recommended their services to numerous friends - all of whom, like me, have had positive, fast results. Adeline (Front Desk) and Mandy are also wonderful to communicate with. I could not recommend this business more highly.
Silvia Ghiaroni
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Efficient, knowledgeable, clear, helpful, professional and always available in explaining how one problem can impact other areas of the foot and create other issues. My husband had problems in both his feet for years. He had to stop running and it was starting to seriously impact him both at work and in his free time. We tried different solutions from soles and shoes to massages but nothing worked for long. Since starting the treatment program with Wei my husband is improving significantly and he is now able to enjoy long walks. We truly recommend The Footwork Clinic!
Laura Hasrouni
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My feet were hurting me a lot and my heels even when I wake up in the morning I had to force my self and walk with lots of pain. I went to see Footwork Clinic in Chatswood. I saw Wei Lee he did mobilisation , manipulation on my feet , heels and bunions and work on my muscle and soft tissues . I am overwhelmed with the results , I can walk now without pain and no innersole. I would recommend the team any time they are professional in they jobs. Thank you Wei Lee
Damien Edwards
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I suffered from chronic Plantar Fasciitis for almost two years before I resolved to approach the Footwork Clinic. I work on my feet so my value of life was seriously deteriorating. Mark's treatments, guidance, and advice have all but eliminated the condition and I am once more healthy, active, and happy to get on with work and physical activity. Top marks!

What To Do Now:​

Book your appointment​

We will call to confirm what you are wanting help with and answer any questions.

Go through an assessment​

We work with you to establish your short term and long term treatment goals.

Pain is eliminated​

Restore your toenails and get your quality of life back.

Become proud of the way your feet and toes look…

No more hiding your toes.

Walk around freely and not worry if people see your feet.​

Remove the embarrassment​.

Be pain free​.

Left untreated toenail fungus can continue to grow and move onto the other toenails, your whole foot and even onto your fingers.

Easily and quickly destroy the fungus by using our advanced toenail fungus laser treatment.

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