First Visit to a Podiatrist: What to Expect

Your road to recovery begins with the first visit…

What should I expect on my first visit to a podiatrist?

Your initial consultation will consist of a thorough, functional, and hands-on assessment by your treating podiatrist to get a clear picture of what is happening and your treatment goals. We collect measurable and meaningful information from your functional evaluation so that the progress can be tracked objectively during your intervention.

To detect all the underlying problems and misalignment of your foot and ankle, you may be recommended to have specific x-rays.

When you come in with some types of acute pain or injury, your podiatrist may deliver some initial or short-term treatment for you to get early relief from some of your symptoms.

After your consultation with us, your podiatrist will make you understand your problem and its causes. Once your needs and treatment goals are analyzed, your podiatrist will put together a personalized treatment plan and put you on a recovery pathway where you will have the best chance of reaching your health goal(s) swiftly.

This procedure generally sums up your first visit to a podiatrist at The Footwork Clinic. 

Your first full treatment may begin at the second consultation after combining the results of the x-ray, and clinical assessment. At this time, you and your treating podiatrist have a full understanding of the problems we are treating.

NOTE: Treatment will always be provided during the first appointment for general skin and nail problem such as ingrown toenail.

What does the treatment involve?

The treatment is mostly hands-on and involves movement interactions between you and your podiatrist. You will both work together to achieve the outcome you desire.

For every session, we perform treatment techniques to promote healing response of the body, reduce pain signals to the brain, improve joint mobility, improve postural stability by stimulating the body’s balancing system (proprioception), and increase strength and length of the muscles.

Benefits of the treatment can last from 48 hours to 72 hours and will create a cumulative effect over time for permanent and longer lasting results when the procedure is repeated.

Although most of your improvement will come from the hands-on sessions, you will be given tasks to help yourself at home to aid your improvement process. For most cases, you will be provided with a custom rehabilitation exercise plan to stabilize the changes that come from the treatment, and will be part of your maintenance care down the track. Discovery more about your recovery pathway HERE

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