Your Recovery Pathway

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Too many people seek a quick fix for an injury. Although it may feel better, the actual cause is still likely to be lurking beneath the surface. What’s the catch? It’s just a matter of time before it comes back or causes other problems. The treatment approach developed by The Footwork Clinic ensures that you understand right from the beginning how your treatment plan will progress and the steps that are required to achieve successful long-term recovery. The team at The Footwork Clinic doesn’t take shortcuts and will quickly highlight your ideal recovery pathway. But ultimately, you choose your destiny based on how serious you are on about getting back to doing what you love.

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Your Recovery Pathway

After some initial treatment sessions, there can be a tendency at this point to go “Fabulous, I’m cured” but in fact, we have only eliminated the first symptom, and there is still much going on underneath the surface.

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The treatment plan your podiatrist put together for you is about correcting the cause. While many patients come in looking for a quick solution for their pain, most opt to continue through the correction once they start feeling real changes to their quality of life.


The amount of time you commit to your treatment is primarily up to you and depends on both the severity of your condition and the amount of effort you are willing to invest in caring for your body and well-being.


What your podiatrist would like to get a sense of is where you would like to get to on this pyramid.


recovery pathway

If you just want to get rid of pain, you still might not be able to do a lot of the things that you would like to. Would you rather instead, to get into the green and reclaim your health or do the best you can to look after your feet?


Regardless of your treatment goal, your podiatrist will provide you with the best treatment advice that suits your needs and put together a treatment plan that will set you in the best position to reclaim your health in the shortest period. This is the phase where you will regain control of your health, and we focus on optimal function, maintenance, and prevention.

Re-Examinations & Maintenance Care

We perform subjective and objective re-examinations periodically to check your progression over time. It is vital for us to know what progress you are making so that we can stay in control of your condition.


Once your pain is in control, and underlying cause has been corrected, we want to make sure that we maintain the progress you have made, and your body is back to functioning its optimum. Things can fall apart again over time as our feet go through wear and tear, trauma, repetitive stress and exposed different forces every day. It is essential for your podiatrist to consider your risks of pain, re-injury, and early degeneration and recommend a maintenance plan for you. This ensures your feet and legs remain in an optimal condition to support what you love doing for as long as possible!

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